visiting conditions

Rules of conduct

for visitors of FlySim


General rules

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed.
  • The maximum number of people in the cockpit is 4 people (3 visitors and a FlySim instructor).
  • During the flight, you must obey the safety rules, follow the instructions of the instructor pilot.
  • If you are late, the flight time is reduced without the cost change.


Is prohibited

  • Presence of unauthorized persons in the cockpit without a flight instructor.
  • To take any foreign objects, food and animals with you to the cockpit.
  • Use of physical force to the control system of the simulator, levers, buttons, switches, cranes.

Persons who grossly violate the rules will be suspended from the flight, the ticket price is not refundable!



  • A flight certificate is not a paid service, a certificate is a means of payment for services.
  • It is impossible to exchange the certificate for money.
  • Each certificate has a validity period, which starts from the date of purchase indicated on it. After the expiration date, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the certificate to pay for the service.
  • During the booking of the appointment with payment by a certificate, it is imperative to indicate the certificate number.
  • When paying with a certificate, you must present it to the administrator or instructor.
  • You can use the certificate only once. It is forbidden to split the flight with one certificate for several visits.


Booking rules

  • Flight booking must be made 2-4 days in advance of the desirable date.
  • It is possible to cancel or reschedule the flight to another day / time no later than one day in advance.
  • If the flight time is canceled or changed due to the fault of FlySim company, the Contractor undertakes to complete the flight in full without reducing the time.

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